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Welcome to the The Thistle And Clover Forum site. Feel free to ask questions about our products, Scottish Culture, and Lore.


It is with heavy heart that we reached the point that we had no choice but close our store back in March of 2017. After four and half years of business a chain of unfortunate events that could not be avoided prevented us from continuing. I pretty much went into an era of depression and disheartened dark period of my life.  I couldn't bring myself to look at the website or do anything about an online business. I'm now coming out of my slump and am feeling somewhat enthused about returning to a limited online commerce. We thank those of you who have remained faithful customers and have given us words of encouragement and prayers. We would love to eventually get back into a brick and mortar location it will take some time to do that. over the next month I will be working on the website and product to put on it. As I mentioned limited merchandise but you may request anything and we will try to accommodate. 

Thank You, Jim Slack 


Please be mindful of Ladies, Children, and Nervous Persons when posting. Ask and comment in a gingerly maner and we will try to answer in like fashion!

Thank You.